All Fall Down ~ Tom Bale – Review



Original date of review: August 24, 2016

First of all, I just want to say a huge thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Tom Bale’s new book, All Fall Down.

You tried to save a life. Now you’re fighting to save your own.
It should have been an idyllic day for the Turner family – until a dying man, beaten beyond all recognition, arrives at their home, uttering the words, HELP ME.

Rob and Wendy Turner and their children try to explain away the horrific scene as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but in the days that follow their lives are threatened in ways they could never imagine.

The family is unaware that they are being watched by someone with their own terrifying agenda, who will stop at nothing to fulfil their own twisted desires.

But when hidden secrets come rushing to the surface, it’s clear not everything is as it seems in this happy family. Are the Turners a victim of circumstance – or does the key to their fate lie closer to home?

Forced to fight for everything they hold dear, can they save themselves before time runs out – or will their act of compassion see them paying the ultimate price…?

This marvelous book has 398 pages and is set for publication on September 1st 2016 by Bookouture and I happily give it 5 stars.

I was quite excited to start reading this book. The cover drew me in as well as the blurb. This has also been my first book that I have been allowed to review on NetGalley. It has been an intense, thrilling and suspenseful read that constantly kept me on the edge of my seat! This is a well written book where everything tied together and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys this genre.

I was really impressed with Tom Bale’s writing. I was hooked right from the start and immediately found myself asking a number of questions and wanting to find out more. I felt that he effectively kept us readers in the dark just enough to keep us flipping through the pages with great velocity for answers. What I also really loved was the fact that there were so many brilliant twists, turns and surprises. Just when you think you knew where things were going, BAM, something happens and veers the entire story in a different direction. You never really know what’s going to happen next. Which was great!

This is definitely a psychological thriller that does not disappoint. I really like the way that Tom Bale writes. He describes things so nicely that I easily visualized all of the scenes. I am not sure if I actually liked all of the characters, but I am pretty sure that was the goal. What I did like about the characters is that they are so real, raw and relatable and because of that, the reader will most certainly be able to identify with one of them. I personally really liked Georgia because of her past and how she develops as a person. I was also impressed that all of the characters developed throughout the book and not only the main few as in many other books I have read. To me, that shows a good author. I was so drawn in to this story that, at times, the characters thoughts and actions left me feeling so frustrated and had me shouting at the pages or just shaking my head in dismay. Especially in the case of Rob. I must also say that the bad guys in this book were really, really bad.

The book was mostly fast-paced and I am glad that I pushed through the second quarter of the book which seemed to drag a little bit in my opinion. Once I got to the second half of the book, there was absolutely no turning back and I could simply not put the book down. I NEEDED ANSWERS. Just when I thought that things were coming to an end I found myself thinking, “Oh my gosh! Now what’s happening?” Then the story seemed to die down quite quickly towards the end.  I was  happy with the ending, but I would have liked it to feel more final and resolved. It didn’t quite answer all of my questions.

So, in conclusion, I really enjoyed reading this book and would read it again in the future if I got the chance. I also feel that this book is highly recommended and worthy of my 5 star rating. So thank you for taking the time to read my review! Please feel free to comment below! I would love to hear your opinions on my review and this great book!


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